Repairs to your home

We are committed to making sure your home is in a good state of repair and we aim to carry out regular day to day maintenance to make sure we fulfil our repairs obligation. Please note that Lambeth Council is responsible for maintaining the external structure.


Your repair responsibility
As a resident you have repair responsibilities to keep your home in a good condition.


Report a repair
You can report repairs online or call us on 020 7926 8800, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday for both non-emergency and emergency repairs. We will always attend to all repair related issues and residents should only contact Lambeth Call Centre on 0207 926 6666 if it is highly necessary.

Alterations and adaptations to your home
Find out who to contact about altering or having adaptations made to your home.

Repairs timescales

The target time for the repair depends on the risk and urgency of the repair.

Emergency repairs

We will attend to make safe and fix the repair within 24 hours when you report an emergency repair that:

  • Is a risk to residents and visitors health and safety

  • May damage the building or security to your home we will attend within two hours to make the repair safe

    These repairs could include making safe and repairing:

  • Flooding that is damaging a property

  • Gas escape

  • Damage to your front door that makes your home insecure

    Emergency repairs that are not a risk to health will be repaired within one working day. These would include repairs to fix:

  • lift breakdown

  • total loss of electrical power, or

  • total loss of mains water supply

Some repairs are classified as:

Urgent repairs

Non urgent repairs

Routine repairs

Planned repairs

As a tenant you also have responsibilities for the upkeep of your home and some repairs. You may wish to request for a copy of the TMO Repairs Manual from the housing office.

Please note that Lambeth Council Technical Services Team manages the lifts contract. The concierge officer on duty or the housing office will contact them in case of lift breakdown during the official hours.

Looking after your home

As a Tenant , we are responsible for carrying out day to day repairs and the list is exhaustive. Please contact the housing office if you have lost a copy of your Tenant Management Organisation Repairs. A hard copy can be picked up or sent to you.

If you, your family or visitors to your home cause damage to your home, we will charge you to make the repair.

If you do not carry out a repair that is your responsibility, that puts your health or safety at risk we will carry out the repair and recharge you for the cost of the work.


You can report a Report a repair online; we would advise that you read the Repairs manual to identify the repair before reporting it to us.

If we have installed a gas appliance in your home to provide space or water heating, our Gas Safe registered contractor will service it every year.

Looking after your home

As a homeowner you are responsible for maintaining the inside of your flat. This includes:

  • the floor surfaces, including floorboards
  • the ceiling plaster or plasterboard
  • the plaster or plasterboard of the walls
  • glass in windows, but not the window frames
  • all doors and door frames inside the flat and the front door to it
  • pipes, wires and cables that serve your flat only, including any protection surrounding them
  • decorations inside your flat
  • all fixtures and fittings including plumbing and sanitary apparatus, such as sinks, baths and toilets
  • electrical and gas appliances

Making alterations to your home

If you are a secure tenant and want to carry out alterations or improvements to your home, you must get written permission from us first. You may also need planning permission or building regulations approval.

You are responsible for getting permission and paying any fees.

Adapting homes for older or disabled tenants

If you need aids or adaptations to be installed in your home, for example hand rails or ramps, this service is managed by Lambeth Council. Call us on 020 7926 8800 for more information.

Notifying us of electrical works

Looking after electrical equipment is vital. Just because something works does not mean it is safe.

You are required to obtain permission before carrying out any works to the electrical installations in your home. Your estate office will require confirmation that any electrical works are carried out by a competent person.

Any company, or person carrying out works on the electrical installation should be registered with the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC).

Form more information on electrical safety in domestic households go to the NICEIC website.

Keeping you and your family safe

As a homeowner you must get all your gas appliances and fittings serviced each year by a by a Gas Safe Register approved engineer.

You should keep records of your gas servicing, as we may ask to see evidence that the service history is up-to-date.


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