Important Notice - Parking Enforcement will be back on Loughborough Estate from 1st April 2021

Annual resident parking permit cost £35.00

Visitors parking permit cost £6.00 a day



Issuing of Visitors Parking Permits

The Housing Office will be issuing permits at the following time









10 am - 12 Noon

2 pm – 5pm





10 am - 12 Noon

2 pm – 5pm





10 am - 12 Noon

2 pm – 5pm





10 am - 12 Noon

3 pm – 7pm





10 am - 12 Noon

2 pm – 5pm


  • Disabled badge holders must display their blue badges to prevent being ticketed.


Threatening and abusive behaviour:

This will not be tolerated at any time and should any incidents occur, we reserve the right to refuse or revoke all visitors parking permits issued to the person(s) concerned and members of their household


Parking Enforcement Operation times:

The parking enforcement will be in operation 12 hours a day from 07:00 am – 19:00 pm Monday to Friday and on Saturday from 07:00 – 13:30. Please note that parking on yellow lines and cross hatch areas, pavements, outside bin chambers, line gates and garage is not permitted any time.


 How to apply for an annual resident parking permit?

For a yearly resident parking you will need to provide the following documents which must be registered to your address to enable the housing office to validate and issue the parking permits.

  1. Driving Licence

  2. Vehicle registration document

  3. Confirmation of vehicle tax

  4. Valid MOT certificate

  5. Insurance certificate

Submission of Documents:

Photocopies of the documents should be sent to You may wish to send the pictures of the documents to 07940185593 by text or Whatsapp.


Your vehicle will be registered with P4P within 48 hours of receiving proof of payment with all the necessary documents.


The payment must be done by bank transfer, online banking or mobile banking.

Use the following information to make the payment:

Account name: "The Loughborough Estate Management Board Limited"

Account Number: 21281372

Sort Code: 40 02 01

Reference; "your vehicle registration number"

If you do not provide all of the above documents and you have made payment into our bank account, LEMB will refund your money within 28 days. If you cancel your bank transaction, P4P will cancel your vehicle registration number from their system within 24 hours. Your vehicle will be subject to parking charge notice.


You must comply with all road signs in line with DVLA Rules. No permit for untaxed and SORN vehicles.

The office will not be able to issue parking permits to residents in arrears. We will consider those with reasonable agreements to clear the arrears.


What is P4Parking?

P4Parking is an Independent Contractor with their own appeal procedure, the Housing Office cannot interfere with parking change notifications or removal of fees. Any issues with parking charges or enforcement must be resolved with P4Parking directly on 084 5556 0789.

The housing office will not issue parking permits for untaxed vehicles even with a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification). This is because parking provision is only for roadworthy vehicles that are regularly used and not for storage of un-roadworthy vehicles.

You will not be allowed to keep vehicles that are not roadworthy and movable as it is contrary to the Lease and such vehicles are potentially liable to be removed on request to Lambeth Council.

When parking fines are issued, P4Parking operatives will take photographic evidence to show lack of valid and approved parking permit clearly displayed on the windscreen or dashboard of the vehicle, and to show the condition of the vehicle at that time. This evidence will then be produced by P4Parking is cases of disputes and appeals.

It is responsibility of all residents to ensure that their household members and visitors are made aware of the parking restrictions in operation within Loughborough Estate.

To avoid a parking charge notice, you must ensure that a valid P4Parking permit is prominently and securely displayed on the windscreen or the dashboard of any vehicle parked on Loughborough Estate.

Resident Parking Penalty Charge Notice will cost £100 reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days. All other Parking Penalty will cost £100 reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days. Residents will have to provide proof to P4Parking in order to qualify for the £60 reduction.


How to pay your Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)

  1. By Post to:P O Box 71107 London SE18 9LB, cheque or postal order payable to P4Parking.

  2. Online payment at: and select Pay a ticket

  3. Phone operator assisted on: 084 5556 0789 or 087 2011 8410



For appeals please email them at:


Other Information

P4Parking Control (9am - 5pm) 0845 556 0789 or 0872 0118 410

P4Parking website

P4Parking postal address P O Box 71107 London, SE18 9LB

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