Estate cleaning

Estate cleaning and grounds maintenance

This page has details about how we keep the communal areas of our estates clean, including:

  • estate cleaning

  • communal cleaning

  • window cleaning

  • grounds maintenance

  • complaints about cleaning


Estate cleaning

Our environmental team is responsible for cleaning our estate:

  • entrance halls

  • balconies

  • refuse chambers

The concierge officers are responsible for the cleaning of concierge blocks only on the weekends and the enviromental services operatives take care of the cleaning during the weekdays. 


Communal cleaning charges

The communal cleaning charges for a building or a group of buildings are worked out by dividing the contract cost by the number of properties that receive the service.

Lambeth is divided into different contract areas for building and window cleaning, and also for grounds maintenance.


Window cleaning

Under the window cleaning contract, the windows in public areas are cleaned up to the 3rd floor in line with health and safety regulations by F&G window cleaners.

If you have any questions about the building or window cleaning contracts please speak to your housing officer.


Grounds maintenance

The green team is responsible for LEMB grounds maintenance. It is important to note that we only have a grass and shrub cutting service. The grass when cut is not collected and taken away except the shrubbery.

Under the grounds maintenance contract, the grass should be cut, hedges and flower beds tidied regularly.


Loughborough Estate Cleaning charter

We will:

  • Keep staircases, lifts and communal areas of your estate clean and litter free

  • Check every day that all communal entrance halls, lobbies and internal corridors are clean and free of litter

  • Clean and check lifts each day

  • Empty, refuse bins and rotate containers as required. Removing bulkier items daily, Monday to Friday. Clear blocked rubbish chutes

  • Sweep, mop and spot clean walls and staircases, corridors and lobbies every week

  • Arrange for large items of rubbish and fly tipped items to be removed as soon as possible

  • Provide recycling bins around the estate

  • Publish a cleaning timetable for each block, in notice boards/newsletters

  • Carry out estate inspections every quarter with our residents and senior staff

  • Let you know two weeks before an estate inspection

  • Provide a report within 10 working days of the inspection

  • Provide an update of actions one month after the inspection

  • Benchmark our services against others

  • Ensure notice boards are always up to date

  • Remove offensive graffiti within 24 hours

  • Litter and dog bins emptied every week


Complaints about cleaning

If you feel there is a problem with the cleaning or you would like to register a complaint about the standard of cleaning contact us.


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