Refuse Collection

Lambeth council is responsible for clearing the estate refuse.  Our collections are on Tuesday (AM), Thursday(PM)  and Saturday(AM).  Please ensure you place your household waste in the steel bins provided and do not leave bags on communal walkways or outside the bin chambers, since this affects the appearance of the estate and creates more work for your caretakers.


Bulk Refuse collection

Bulk waste is collected Monday to Friday

The bulk refuse is collected from the bin chamber areas throughout the estate.  We would appreciate that all bulky items are placed for collection just before the tipper arrives on these days so the appearance of the estate is not affected. 

If you require an item to be collected from your property, we do levy a charge. Please contact the estate housing office for details.



All residents are encouraged to recycle their household waste as much as possible.  There are number of green recycling bins situated throughout the estate so please ensure you make full use of them.The recycling collection is on Wednesday(AM)

If you would like to recycle your waste but are unable to get to the recycle bins, please contact the estate office and we will be happy to assist.  If you would like more information regarding recycling please contact the estate office.

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