Concierge service

Our concierge service offers residents in Woolley House, Kettleby House, Howard House, Kemble House and Harris House buildings an improved security system.

The concierge service provides:

  • assistance to those living in the blocks if required

Concierge staff will provide services at these blocks between 7am to midnight, every day of the year on a rota basis except on Christmas Day

Concierge operators will operate the entry-phone system and provide a link between resident and visitor. They take message and parcels for resident and report any repairs to the office. The staff will inspect empty properties and accompany prospective resident on viewing. They will ensure empty properties and accompany prospective resident on viewing. Thy will ensure that a high quality service is provided and that the building is scure.they will provide a safe and secure access to improve the quality of life.

How to make the concierge a success.

  • Get to know the concierge operators in your block
  • Don’t let strangers into the block when concierge operator is off duty
  • Don’t use emergency fire exit doors or other exit routes except in emergencies
  • Follow the postal number direction signs for easy access to dwellings

Your Fob keys.

You will be given an electronic key know as a Fob. This will enable you to get into the block. If you lose your Fob tell the concierge as soon as possible. Your lost Fob can be deleted from the system so that if someone else finds it they cannot used it. You will be charged for the cost of any replacement of fob.

Your Fob key will be programmed to give access to and from the communal garden areas and play areas adjoining your block. Entry through the resident access door at the rear of the block is also programmed to operate using your Fob key.


CCTV Cameras

CCTV Cameras have been installed to help you and the concierge operators keep a close check on the block. If you see or hear any vandalism or criminal acts taking place, inform the concierge operator. They will be able to check and see if the crime was taped by the video recorder. These tapes will greatly assist the council in prosecuting vandals.


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