Moving Out

If you decide to end your tenancy, you are required to give four weeks’ written notice to Loughborough Emb office or we will charge you an additional four weeks rent from the time we discover that you have left the property.

You are responsible for paying your rent and other charges until the end of your notice period.

Any joint tenant has the right to end the tenancy by giving notice .A notice served by one joint tenant will end the tenancy for all tenants.

When your tenancy ends, the housing office will inspect your property before you leave. When you leave you must:

  • Make sure that everybody leaves the property.

  • Leave the property clean and tidy.

  • Complete any repairs or decorations that are your responsibility.

  • Leave all fixtures and fittings as they were at the beginning of your tenancy .this includes leaving any improvements that were authorised , and removing and repairing any unauthorised alterations to return the property to its previous state .

  • Return all keys and fobs (including shed, garage, and security door keys) to the housing office .if you keep any keys you may be charged for locks that have to be changed.

  • Return any parking permits.


If you fail to do any of these tasks Loughborough Emb will charge you the cost of doing them. If we cannot rent the property to someone else because you have not done these tasks you must pay for any rent lost.

If you would like further information you can contact us.

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