Health and safety

To help keep you, your neighbours and your local community safe you must:

  • Not store bottled paraffin, petrol or any other toxic or dangerous materials in your home, garage, store, or in any shared areas such as balconies. Liquid petroleum gas (LPG) can be kept in disposable containers no larger than one litre and designed to British standards.

  • Not leave syringes where other residents may come into contact with them.

  • Not keep fire arm, shotgun or air powered weapon (for example an air rifle) in your home without fire arms or shotgun certificate required by law. you must also get written permission from Loughborough Emb office to keep it, which will only be given in exceptional circumstances .if we give you permission you must ensure that the weapon is always secure. And that you comply with all legal requirements and conditions of the permission. You must never discharge (fire) any firearm, shotgun, rifle, or air weapon in or near your home, or anywhere in the local area.

  • Dispose of all rubbish and recycling properly, for example in the bins or rubbish chutes provided.

  • Keep communal areas clear.

  • Get any gas appliances you have installed serviced yearly, for example a gas cooker.

If you have condensation ,or think that you may have asbestos in your home contact us for more information .

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