What we plan to achieve

Our vision for LEMB and Loughborough estate is to create a community of choice, delivering added value for our residents,  providing excellent homes and services with a mission of working with partners to foster community spirit and to deliver high quality services with residents in control.


Developing an inclusive, fit for purpose organisation that is representative of the community we serve.

We need to put LEMB on a firm footing, with sound policies and procedures, good governance practices with a board that is fully in control and skilled to do the job, increased membership that is representative of our community and financial management with healthy reserves set aside for unforeseen circumstances. We must improves our communication with an accessible easy to use website, newsletters, social media, and block surgeries. We also need to consider how we can bring our community together through event and activities that will appeal to different ages and people with different needs.


Delivering excellent, value for money, responsive services

This is what we are in business to do. If we get this right, we can focus on other objective. We will work to improve resident satisfaction with all of our services so that we are the top performer in Lambeth. We have made a fair start with much improved performance but we need to put our customer care at the top our agenda so you feel welcome when you contact us whether in person, on the phone or online.


Innovate and look to deliver existing services in new ways and develop new initiatives

We will review the way we deliver services – are we achieving the maximum value for money, providing the best we can achieve, are there different ways of doing things? We will reduce our reliance on Lambeth council by looking to take over more services as we improve our performance. We will look at raising income by delivering services for other housing providers. We will look to maximise the use of our resources such as the spaces under the blocks and create a sanctuary quiet/space. We want to increase the employability of residents through training, advice, workshops, mentoring opportunities and volunteering. We will listen and take on board what you have to say.


Health is wealth – encouraging a healthy community and reducing our impact on the environment to the benefit of our community and others

We will create a welcoming estate environment which is safe and secure with effective CCTV, clean and green with planting of flowers and shrubs, flower baskets, green competitions, providing allotments involving all ages, food growing projects involving local schools and older people together and creating wild areas to encourage biodiversity. We will investigate access to and development of Loughborough farm. We will look to extend and develop the energy initiative with the aim of reducing energy costs for residents. And in the office, we will minimize the use of paper and energy. Our community centre is a huge underused asset – we will look at activities linked to health and well-being for all ages and ethnic groups in our community.



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