Loughborough EMB

Loughbourough Estate Management Board (LEMB) was established in 1995 with the aim of focusing on the development and on-going improvement of the estate as well as encouraging a sense of community amongst our residents.

It is a Tenant Management Organisation under Right-To-Manage of over 1214 homes of which about 959 are tenanted, 255 leaseholders properties.  An Independent Continuation ballot was held in February 2015 and 92.40% of our residents voted for the board to continue the management of the organisation.

The board has a very strong social purpose and consists of members with diverse knowledge and experience. They are dedicated to the development of the estate in terms of provision of a seamless service under value for money with evidence of continuous financial growth for the development of their community. Both the board and the housing office work very closely with LEMB residents, stakeholders and partners like Lambeth Council to understand and respond to local needs thus helping to create a successful and resilient local community. They also go beyond the core of duty and bureaucratic traditional housing provision by building a strong development pipeline with range of tenures to make sure everyone living on the estate lives a safe, quality, peaceable and enjoyable life.

The organisation has continued to prosper especially following the  continuation ballot.

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