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After Lockdown Update

Dear Fellow Residents

After Lockdowns
I am honoured to be writing to you today to acknowledge the sacrifices we all made in the past year and months so far and continue to make. I wrote to inform you of the closure of the LEMB housing office and provided updates. 

We have all been devastated by this Coronavirus disease and lockdowns but the good thing that came out of this, that can be analysed, is that it united all of us, made us more aware of our neighbours, this also brought out the goodness of self-determination and the management of the Loughborough Estate by LEMB “Residents Managing” which is you, remember “self-help is best help.”
Notwithstanding the seriousness of the Covid-19 at initial stage before any other organisation in Lambeth, LEMB was first to set up a Coronavirus Assistance Team made up of some LEMB members, staff and residents to assist residents in need, vulnerable and elderly, supplying diversified food requests and personal hygiene to maintain self-dignity remember “Toilet Rolls and Sanitaries.” Highly sought after.
I always say “LEMB leads, and others follow and we will continue to set the trend.”
The current guidance from the government new Health Secretary seems promising, signifying lockdown will be lifted on 19th of July and that in his opinion no reason for further extension, he commented.
Lockdown Restrictions
If this be the case, where all restrictions are lifted by the government and we are back to the new norm, then we will commence all we did previously before the pandemic.
The LEMB office will open fully on the 19/07/21
Coffee morning and drop ins will restart every Saturday from 24/07/21
Senior Citizens Club will restart every Wednesday from 21/07/21
Summer school holiday activities will restart this summer on 26/07/21
Summer holiday trip to seaside (Southend) – Date to be advised
Summer Residents’ Party to celebrate with our neighbours and our estate friends again and giving thanks for lives saved “we made it” – Date to be advised

Yours faithfully

Peter Shorinwa 
Chair LEMB 

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