Community Centre 1 Information

Facility Hire Charge Resident Hire period per hour Non resident Hire period per hour
Loughborough Centre Main Hall £48 £50

Loughborough Centre Foyer

(availablity subject to clients using the hall)

£24 £25
Loughborough Board Room £31.20 £32


Chairs,Cover and Tables for Hire

Quantity Per Day Chair + Cover £3 each Cover Only Chairs Only Tables £1.50 each 
10     £2.50 £10 (in total)
20     £5 £15 (in total)
30     £10  
31+     £15  
Deposit £100 £50 £100 £100


Please read in full the LOUGHBOROUGH CENTRE (The LC)

PLEASE NOTE: THERE ARE FLATS ABOVE THE CENTRE AND USES WHICH MIGHT CREATE LOUD NOISE CANNOT BE CATERED FOR. Hirers are responsible for ensuring the noise level and/or any other behaviour at their functions does not interfere with other activities within the building,nor cause inconvenience for the occupation of nearby flat and property.

Hall Hire See fees


Hall: Maximum 130 people

Meeting Room:Maximum 20 people

Foyer:Maximum 40 people (due to health and safety chargeable for hall users)

Bookings and Payments

Payment must made in full 14 days prior to the booking.Late payment risk the loss of the booking. All hires are charged for the full period of use. This inculdes preparation and cleaning up time.


Hire must state in advance thier palnned use. If it is used for another purpose, the LC reserves the right to cancel/terminate the booking and not return any deposit.


Hiring requires a deposit of the £100 over and above the hire charge subject to yearly review.This will depend on the planned use and possible risk of damaged/noise/poor cleanliness. The deposit is refundable subject to full compliance with these terms and conditions. Payment has to be made in full 14 days prior to the booking.


Cancellation of booking less than seven days in advance may still be charged at the hire rate.

Opening Times

The centre is available for hire on any day between 9.00am and 9.00pm.


There is no special parking available for the centre user.

Smoking, Alcohol and Music

Smoking,the sale of alcohol, the use of microphones or playing loud (amplified) music are not permitted.

Health and Safety

The manager/receptionist/caretaker will inform hires of the emergency exit routes and other health and safety requirement including First Aid. All entrance and passage-ways must be kept clear at all times.Hirers are responsible for ensuring that their guests are informed and comply. The centre has full wheelchairs access.


Cleaning and Breakage

The hirer is responsible for cleaning all the ares used during the booking,including the outside area,reception,kitchen and toilets. The LC will provide equipment for the purpose.The whole area used must be left clean and tidy. Failure to comply will result in loss of deposit. Breaking will also risk the loss of deposit. should the value of the damage be greater than the deposit, the LC will exercise its right to seek further recompense. (Cleaning refers only to provate parties). For other functions, such as meetings,clients are expected to leave the rooms/hall in a clean and tidy manner.


Only white/blue tack can be used to fix decoration on the walls and must be removed after the event.

Personal Belongings

The LC cannot take responsiblity for the loss or damage of any personal items or belongings.


The LC can hire out such equitment as laptop,projector,screen etc but this must be arranged in advance.



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